Dinner in Blue

Arrival of the guests and reception

On arrival at the elevator which brought them to the 5th floor all guests where treated with a blue cocktail in order to start the evening in style. Also a song was repeated constantly… ‘ Blue, Blue… Blue is beautiful ’. Sorry for those of you who took the stairs and missed the cocktail. It was one of those rare days the sun had been shining and we were extremely lucky to welcome our family and friends at the roof terrace with views over the center of Heerlen, a wonderful start to an evening which could have come straight out of a fairytale. As the theme of the evening was blue everybody was dressed in blue, something which created a very special effect.

The Phonecall

One of the people who was missing at the party was Susanne, a good friend from Switzerland. It was this very day that she turned fifty and was celebrating at her own party with family and friends. In order to bring the two parties together I tried to call her and asked all my guest to sing Happy B’day for Susanne. Unfortunately I did not get through immediately but just a bit later my phone rang… I expected Susanne to call back but then it was my brother Robbert who started a loud happy B’day for me. It was great when everyone sang along, another mythical moment.

A bit later Susanne called and we were still able to sing a happy B’day for her as well.

The Dinner

lt was tempting to remain outside at the terrace but inside the restaurant had been beautifully decorated in the theme of the evening. At each table plastic bags, filled with a glass, cutlery and a napkin, were placed. The first sign the evening was going to be unusual, I told everybody to keep hold of their bags as they turned out to become very handy later on… Background music was carefully selected as each song played that evening had ‘blue’ in the title. (Thanks to those of you who helped me with gathering that collection)

Food Curator Jeffrey had used all of his imagination to come up with a blue themed dinner, not an easy task, but something we think had turned out to be absolutely stunning. Here’s the menu… Confused? So were most of my guests…

Rotating Smurfs in the blue never never land

Soup with celery, apple, sambal badjak en accacia berries, served with blue fame

Fish from the blue mountains

Small mixed salad from Sharis, Eucalyptus homesmoked salmon, smoked chicken, accompanied by a blueberry sabayon

Old balls don’t get blue

Falafal with a yoghurt-mint sauce and home made dukkah

Pasta with promotion to that flat at surfers-paradise with ocean view

Pasta out of the blue with glassworth, wakame and even more ocaengrass

Anabelle sings the blue’s

Blue or normal cheese (from 5.0’s own cow) with a blueberry jam session

Blue tears

Tears a Misu di Blue

After the first course it was time to explain to everybody on how to use the plastic bags… We tried to find a way to make the evening a bit more fun.That’s how we came up with the crazy idea to do an old fashioned Dutch ‘chair-dance‘ in between each course. As soon as the song ‘Blue’ from the Smurfs started everybody had to pack all their utensils and start dancing. Then suddenly the music stopped and everbody could take a seat on a new table, with new people. 

Although I was a bit nervous at the beginning if this was going to work out it turned out to be great. Not only did everybody meet some of my friends they would normally not easily have gotten in touch with, but it was also great fun during the introductions. Finding out which language to speak (Dutch, English, German or Limburgs dialect) and how the new table partners were related to me certainly broke the ice. According to the buzz in he restaurant and the many smiling faces everybody was enjoying themselves, just as we had hoped for.

For me time flew by far to quick, I had a great time with so many of my friends around. A magical atmosphere had filled the air and as far as I could see everybody had certainly enjoyed themselves. Before I realized it, it was already time to say goodbye. But, I still had one more surprise for everyone. A CD with a collection of Blue songs as a small thank you for coming to the dinner in blue and a memory of the evening.

After all the guests were gone we still had a drink (or two) with Jeffrey and the staff of 5.0. It was the perfect way to finish off a successful evening and spend some time with the people who had made the evening possible. Then we had to carry all the presents back to the car and head home for a good night of a deep and happy sleep.

Thank you !!!!! 

First of all to everybody who attended the dinner in blue, a big big thank you for making this such an amazing magical mythical evening. Paul and I hope that you have enjoyed it as much as we did. I could not have thought about a better way of spending my 50th birthday. I was overwhelmed by the evening, the atmosphere and the amazing amount of presents. You have spoiled me rotten!!

Then Jeffrey and your staff, I don’t know how to express my thanks to you. As we had already been to several theme evenings at 5.0 we knew what to expect. Still our expectations (or should I say hopes) for this special evening were high. I can easily say you have surpassed yourselves! It was a crazy, wonderful evening. The first surprise for everybody was the wonderful blue cocktail served in the elevator. The reception at the roof terrace was great, thank you for arranging the sunshine to make that possible. As usual the menu was extraordinary and very creative, amazing how you have been able to blend so many ‘blues’ into it. The food was absolutely delicious and I have heard that Old balls don’t get blue was one of everybody’s favorites. To all the staff, you worked extremely hard to make an evening of a lifetime, I can only say three words… wow, wow, wow!!!!

Finally Rob Koper, thanks for making so many pictures. Looking at them certainly brought a big smile on my face again.