1997 World Trip – Hawaii

The last destination of my trip was Hawaii where I visited Kevin with who I travelled in Tibet the year before (and who introduced me to the “happy hour” in Pokhara, Nepal, so I was drunk for two nights…). With Waikiki beach almost on the doorstep of Kevin’s apartment I did not have to go far to part of the fun. 

Kevin took me on a ride on his motorbike along the coastline of Oahu, it was a marvelous trip with stunning panoramas. A very special day indeed!

Diving in Hawaii was the biggest disappointment of the trip. A shame the diving school was more interested in my dollars instead of offering value for money.Fortunately Oahu had so many other things to offer that I still had a good time up there. 

I was lucky indeed as my visit coincided with Halloween. I still get a smile on my face when I think of of the marvelous evening we had on  Waikiki Boulevard.

As the diving turned out to be a waste of money I decided to do something I had never done before and take a helicopter ride over the island. What can I say, in one word magnificent!

At the 3rd of November the fun was over. In order the trip in style I took a limousine to Honolulu airport and from there I flew home via Los Angeles to close the circle. 

Around the world in a long wet dream. I arrived back on Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam on the 4th and started working again on the 5th… Yes I know, life is tough…

Besides the diving in Hawaii this trip has once again been an overwhelming success. It took me a while to get used to the very laid back atmosphere that is typical for the Pacific but after that was done I enjoyed every minute of it. I really can’t say which part I enjoyed the best. It was a very varied and exciting holiday. I never came home so relaxed after a trip and maybe that’s what the Pacific is about… Celebrate life, enjoy, relax…

This story would not be complete without thanking several people:

Tessa and Yvette from reisburo Paul Crombag in Heerlen whose endless patience and research resulted in a splendid flight scheme which worked out fantastically this time and made it possible to visit all exotic places described above within one trip!

Ulli and Nyoman, thanks for once again a wonderful time back home…

The whole crew on board of the Nai’a. For doing the impossible… You blew my already high set expectations for this week straight up to the ceiling! Where do I go from here???

Kevin, thanks for for showing me all the good sites of Oahu. It was good seeing you again! Next meeting somewhere in Europe?