2007 Bali & Malaysia

Do you remember Once Upon a Time….

and continuing the adventure in natural and man made Jungle 

When we were looking for places to go for our 2007 trip we got atracted by Sarawak, the Malaysian part of Borneo. There were enough adventures to be experienced over there and as we were flying via Kuala Lumpur we decided to spend a couple of days over there as well.

It should not come as a secret that I regard Bali as my second home. Therefor it made me happy when Paul also had enclosed the island of the Gods in his heart.

With Bali only a 3 hour flight from Kuala Lumpur we could not resist adding that to our itinerary and started our trip over there. On arrival we encountered some issues and we were really lucky to be admitted at all…

Start the Journey at the island of the Gods, Bali