2010 Asia – Hong Kong, Lankayan & Bali

Something new, something relaxing and something old…

2010 was a difficult year to create our itinerary. We had a couple of places, spread out over South-East Asia, on our wish list but then combining them into one trip did not make very much sense. Or did it? Although distances were big enough flying in South East Asia does not really cost a fortune thanks to Air Asia, a low budget carrier that treat’s it’s guests with much more respect than it’s Irish counterpart.

So we started to combine our wishes and came up with an itinerary that was as crazy as what one could think of. It was a bit like the best of South-East Asia, however for our trip to be like that we would have to include many more stops.

Whilst researching for things to do in Hong Kong one thing caught our attention, world’s highest bungee jump in Macau. Would we be brave (or mad) enough to do so?

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