2015 India (Ladakh & Kashmir)

Our Shangri-La Beneath The Summer Moon

As we were looking into places to go for our annual holiday we ran into a little problem this year. Paul was only able to get his leave during the summer break in August.

Both of us wanted to go to India but with the monsoon bashing it’s lands this did not seem to be a very good idea to us, hovever, there was a part of India sheltered by the mighty himalaya’s from the heavy rain. It would mean we would have to travel to high altitudes and area’s very hostile to mankind. The road from Delhi to Leh overland is only open three monts a year, the only three months it is not covered by snow…

August turned out to be the perfect month to undertake this journey. Needless to say it did not take us very long to make up our mind and start an dventure like we had never done before. It turned out to become our best Indi trip so far…

Start the Journey with the Road to Leh