1993 Switserland

A Long Drive…

In September 1993 I once again headed south to Switzerland to spend some time with Christoph, his family and friends. This time however I did not take the train but drove down in my Honda Civic, my very first car that my brother Bart had made drive worthy for me. It might not have been the most fancy car and over 10 years old already but I was happy and proud on it and after I gained some confidence with tours in the area I started my first long drive, what better place to go to than Switzerland…

618 kilometers, it was a long drive. It were the times that GPS or navigation were still unheard of but thanks to a good preparation I made it safely to Recherswill where a warm welcome awaited me. Once again I thoroughly enjoyed my stay and we made several trips to places worthwhile visiting. I must admit by the time all pictures of this trip had been scanned and digitally enhanced the exact location of where they were made had slipped my mind. Still I’d like to leave you behind with some impressions of what turned out to be another fantastic trip.


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