M double U

2022 Portugal

An Extended Musical Weekend


What do you do when your favourite band announces not only one but five different weekends in 2022; Poland, Sweden, UK, Portugal & Canada. Five different countries and each of them was attractive. Vladi and I discussed our options and decided for Portugal. Neither of us had been there before and as the country was very appealing to us we decided to stay a bit longer and make it a two week vacation out of it.

But first I had to make sure we would get tickets, not an easy task as demand was high. I was online the moment sales started and not much later I had 5 tickets in my pocket at the second row. Being excited was an understatement as I was extremely happy with such good seats for Vladi, myself and good friends.

Flights were booked not much later and we could start with the planning, something which is always part of the pre fun and builds up excitement for the actual trip.

We decided to fly to Porto and return from Faro so we could travel the country from North to South without backtracking. It was Vladi wish to visit Fatima so we included that in our itinerary. The concerts would take place in Lisbon so during the daytime there were opportunities enough to explore the city. After the concerts we decided to travel to Lagos and Faro to enjoy some beach time in the Algarve. All was set for another tremendous journey.

The Journey

On the 4th of June we headed to Dusseldorf for our flights to Madrid, and then onwards to Porto. Unfortunately the flight times were changed after booking so we had a 5 hour long layover in Madrid, much longer than originally scheduled. At 7 O’clock we finally landed in Porto, picked up our luggage and headed to our hotel, which was located in the historic city center.