2018 Montenegro & Croatia

The Balkan Adventure

My next adventure started at the most unearthly time of three thirty in the morning, a time where I normally would turn over and continue my sleep. This time however I had to wake up early as a taxi was booked for the short ride to Cologne-Bonn airport…

This journey was in no way planned or foreseen but simply happened… On one of the chat sites I visit I met Stephan, a guy from Bonn. We were getting along well and a friendship developed. When he mentioned he was still looking for a buddy to join on a “sun and culture” trip, I was immediately interested. He had Croatia in mind and with time on my hand I told him I would love to join. So we started planning and booked… As I had seen a large part of Croatia before we decided to spit up the trip between Montenegro and the South of Croatia, a wonderful combination of culture and sun with sights both new and old ones to be rediscovered.

Time flew by and before I knew I was in the train to Bonn to spend the weekend together with Stephan and wake up on a Sunday morning at this unearthly time to start our Balkan adventure…

Start the journey in Montenegro


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