1997 World trip – Fiji

After a stunning week on the Nai’a there was still a week and a half left to explore parts of Fiji. I checked out my possibilities and ended up at the island of Taveuni where the beaches were irresistible so it turned out to be a very lazy, but wonderful time. I found a beautiful hideway as a base for my exploration. Breakfast was d.i.y. Just pick whatever fruits you like in the garden.

The day always started with a walk past the local restaurants to see what food they were making in the evening. their daily menu was written out at a sign in front of each restaurant. In case you liked what you saw you just wrote your name on the list and showed up at 19:00 when dinner started. What a way to live!

At walking distance from Bibi’s hideaway was Princess Diana Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches I had seen so far, and even better, I had it for myself the whole day, that was until late afternoon when the local kids came out from school for a game of football.

Local transport was limited to a bus that circled around the island twice a day so one day I hopped on the bus to explore some waterfalls on the other side of the island. Apparently Blue Lagoon was filmed in this area and once there I could easily see why.

One of the evenings the locals organized a dance performance and it would be rude not to show up so after dinner I enjoyed some typical Fijian folklore and a cup of kava or two…

I really was enjoying my stay at Taveuni but all good things come to an end so I flew back to Suva on the main island for a couple of more days of sun and fun.

I had read about a small but beautiful resort on the Coral Coast halfway Suva and Nadi and it turned out to be the perfect choice to relax some more days.

Once back in Nadi I still had the opportunity to join on a hike to the Fiji Highlands National Park which promised beautiful views over the area. It certainly did not disappoint!

My time in Fiji had certainly been out of this world and I could have easily stayed a couple of weeks longer but it was time to continue my trip around the world to another fantastic destination, The Cook Islands.

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