2017 South East Europe

A Journey to the Sounds of the Ages

Sometimes things happen unexpected and decisions are being made for you… That certainly was the case this year! Whilst browsing facebook for new stories I noticed Marillion, my favorite band, announced a performance on what must be one of the most magical venues in Europe, the ancient Roman Amphitheater in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

To make things even better Manfred Mann’s Earth Band and The Devin Townsend Project were performing the two nights before and during the days also a Bulgarian wine-tasting was organized. This was all to good to be missed so my mind went in overdrive and came up with a cunning plan.

Although it would be completely feasible to fly to Plovdiv just for the weekend I decided to use the gigs as the ultimate excuse for a trip to two of the oldest civilizations in Europe and explore both Romania and Bulgaria. A quick research on the web confirmed what I was already expecting, both countries might be unusual destinations for me but are certainly worth visiting.

Start the journey in Romania