2018 India – Bangalore

Part 3 : About Temples, Palaces and Beaches

My flight from Amritsar to Bangalore had a short stopover in Delhi. On arrival in Bangalore I had to wait quite a long time for my luggage but just when I was getting nervous my suitcase arrived at the belt.

I took a taxi for the 45 minute drive into town. Immediately I saw how different and modern Bangalore appeared compared to other Indian cities. The IT industry had certainly brought wealth to the area and on the side of the highway leading to the new airport I saw huge blocks of offices and apartments.

By now I was feeling exhausted and as soon as I checked in at my hotel, a heritage cottage from 1915 I went to sleep for a short and restless nap that was disturbed by a loud and vivid thunderstorm. Later that evening I ordered a vegetable rice but in the end I could not face it so I went to bed before it arrived…

That night things went wrong again with my stomach and I felt terrible in the morning. I knew I had to eat something so I forced down two pieces of toast and two bananas, together with a cup of coffee. After breakfast I went back to bed for a nap, to be woken up shortly before two to hear that the masseuse, that I had booked earlier, had arrived.

After having told her about my neck and back pain she mainly focused on that area and although I could not say the massage was very nice (but painful to say the least) I felt she knew what she was doing as slowly my tense muscles became looser. The massage was so good I asked her to return the next day.

And just when I fell asleep the phone ran again and I was told food was ready. A special dish was made for me, overcooked rice with cumin seeds and other spices, all easy to digest for my stomach. I ate one plate of it after which I returned to my room.

By now I started to wonder whether the trip had been a step too far for me, to strenuous in spite of the low pace I had adapted too. Everything now seemed to take a lot of effort and I got tired by even doing just the slightest thing, like walking up the stairs. I have loved the trip tremendously so far but the overload of impressions ensured my senses were on an almost constant overload. Maybe I had underestimated the impact the journey would have on me, but then, maybe my situation was just caused by a lunch that went terribly wrong…

Anyway, time to go on a full stop and sit this episode out. During the evening I just hung out at the reception but I still I did not feel like eating. That night was another early night, hoping for the better the day after…

The rest had done me well, when I woke up my stomach and belly felt much calmer so I finished the leftover rice from the day before. Instead of becoming over courageous and start a sightseeing tour I opted for another day of rest and save my energy for Hampi. Missing out on the sights in Bangalore really was a shame but I did not want to ruin the remaining three weeks of my trip.

I slept for the most of the morning and listened to some music. And then, for the first time since days I ordered a proper lunch, boiled rice and a prawn curry. It tasted wonderful and fortunately was not too spicy.

The afternoon was the same as the morning, sleeping and music… By six the masseuse came back again to work on my back once more. After that it was dinner time, as well time to prepare my suitcase for the next day. Dinner was good (but far to much) and the evening uneventful. A perfect way to finish of the break of my adventure.

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