1997 World Trip

Around the world in a long wet dream…

Island hopping to the most exotic places on our globe

In 1997 I could not get the idea out of my mind to travel around the globe and visit some of the world’s most exotic dive places. And once an idea gets settled there’s no way to get rid of it but to execute it. And so things happened. It took me quite some time to organize this trip, select the locations, which due to a time constraint of 5 weeks only, had to be limited and take care of the logistics. In the end it all worked out perfectly. Five weeks, 4 destinations, each of them worth a trip by itself…   Bali – Fiji – Cook Islands – Hawaii

The fun all started on the 27th of September. This year it was exactly 10 years ago since I first visited Bali and met my friends Ulli and Nyoman. A good reason to start this holiday with a visit to them for a celebration!!! It was only a short visit this time but we had lots of fun. There was time enough to chat and revive old memories as I didn’t feel the need to do another exploration of Bali during this trip.

After a couple of days I continued my trip via Auckland to Fiji, the 2nd stop of this trip. There I boarded a beautiful yacht called the Nai’a to cruise the waters around the islands and do lots, lots of diving (up to 4 dives a day…).  It was the ultimate diving experience. Ultimate because of the fantastic atmosphere on board but also because of the superb dive sites. It turned out to become a week never to forget!

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