2015 India (Goa & Mumbai)

With still 15 days of my annual leave from last year left that had to be taken before the end of April once again I faced the dilemma on where to go as I simply did not want to stay home for three weeks. Knowing how much I love Bali Paul suggested to go there but I had been there without Paul before and it simply was not the same. Besides my friend Ulli would be visiting us later this year so I decided to go somewhere else this time…

Pretty quick I came to the conclusion that I wanted to go somewhere and do something I do not share with Paul. Yoga was the first thing that came up in my mind. Although lately I have not practiced as much as I would like because of the lingering side effects from my operation I hoped that three weeks of relaxing would bring me in a state that I could catch up with my regular yoga practice and speed up my full recovery. Initially I started looking for staying in an ashram for 3 weeks but it did not take me long to discover that the dictating lifestyle that comes with staying there was not the thing for me, it had to be a holiday after all!

During further research there was always one place I kept going back to as all reviews on Tripadvisor and likewise websites were unanimously very positive.

Little Cove Yoga resort, the perfect getaway at an isolated beach in the South of Goa. Eight small cottages, all facing the Indian ocean and a yoga shala (school) centrally located in a garden of coconut trees. No excessive luxury like we experienced at the Maldives but the most perfect place in the most beautiful setting one can imagine. A non-smoking resort; vegetarian organic food only, but with the diversity in Indian food this was not an issue for me; and oh, I almost forgot, no alcohol either. Well, I could live with that… Best of all, 2 yoga sessions a day which the guests are welcome to enjoy but are in no way mandatory. Sounded like a good opportunity for some detoxing and living a healthy lifestyle.

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