2013 Indonesia

Sharing the passion…

From the planning phase on we knew his trip was going to be a special one…

The destination? Nothing new…. Indonesia. This time would be my 13th visit to this wonderful archipelago, a good reason to once more return to where it all begun….

As said, it was going to be a special one as this time we would not be traveling alone but be accompanied by my youngest “little” brother Bart and his wife Yolanda. We had originally planned to make this trip somewhere during the next years or so but somehow it spontaneously came up to bring the trip forward to 2013 (All driven by a not able to refuse Emirates offer).

Bart and Yolanda are no newcomers to Indonesia either and many years ago they met Yus and Sri, a wonderful team, who organize made to measure trips to Java. They spent a couple of days together and recommended them to me for a trip in 2008.

Those of you who recall my stories from the “When two worlds unite…” trip to Java and Bali might remember it was Yus and Sri who took care of our tour from Yogyakarta all the way to Ubud in Bali. During those days and after a wonderful friendship developed so it was only natural that the six of us had to make the classical Indonesia trip as a group. Paul has already met Yus and Sri but never made it to Java yet. Bart and Yolanda have already visited Java but there are still so many undiscovered places!

In spite of this already being my 5th visit to Java I as well had so many places to go and thanks to the outstanding proposals of Yus and Sri we have been able to create a trip which bring a lot to all of us, both known, and unknown places. It is going to be fantastic where we will be able to share memories and I could finally show the places to Paul that he heard so much about since we’ve met. It was really all about sharing the passion….

Start the Journey in West-Java